Protein Shakes

Feel fit and strong with our tasty protein shakes.

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Diet shakes

Healthy diet shakes full of all the good stuff.

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Green Juice

Green juice at its best. 24 different types of fruits and veggies, including fibers.

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Protein Soup

Nothing warms you up like a hearty soup.

Protein Soup€24.90
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Protein Bars

A champion’s bar.

Protein Bar€29.90
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Meal Bars

Healthy meal bars with everything you need.

Diet Bar€29.90
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Vitamins & Minerals

Essential vegan friendly vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin Pack€59.90
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Breakfast Shakes

Complete breakfast in a shake for busy folks.

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Vegan collagen booster. Look as great as you feel.

Collagen Booster€29.90
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Go longer with Active Water.

Active Water €29.90
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Shaker & Powder Stack: stylish and ideal for on the road.

Fit Shaker€9.95
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