Orange is the new fit

Let's Create A Fitter World

Go green - Vegan friendly

When we started Orangefit back in 2014, it was already clear that a plant-based diet is the way to go. But the only vegan shakes out there tasted as bad as they looked. So we took a leap of faith, determined to change the plant-based protein game.

The past few years have been dedicated to further develop our products. We'll continue to optimalise our formulas, flavors and packaging and after five years of pioneering, Orangefit is now well on its way to conquer Europe.

Foods with benefits

When your diet is basic, you feel basic. We want you to feel at best.

Orangefit is all about feeling fit and healthy. Moving your body should always feel great. And your body works at its best when you eat pure, plant-based food. Athletes, astronauts, daydreamers; we want to offer everyone a healthy and nutritious alternative to animal products, without harming the planet. Orangefit wants to encourage healthier generations, Orangefit wants to Create a Fitter World.

Create A Fitter WorldFitter World
  • We keep it healthy and pure
    We keep it healthy and pure

    A healthy mind and body are our main focus. We’re pure at heart. We’re clear. We’re solid. We’re pure plantpower.

  • We value honesty and convenience
    We value honesty and convenience

    We never overpromise, because we’d never want to underdeliver. We listen to your needs.

  • We are affordable with excellence
    We are affordable with excellence

    We select the highest quality ingredients and production methods and we're super sustainable. It's important to us that everyone can buy our products.

Our values reflect those of the explorers who started Orangefit.

Shake the world with Orangefit

We use our brand to inspire communities to live healthier and planet-friendlier. Together we can change habits and make mama earth proud. Our furry friends will thank us later.

Best taste in town

Well first of all, our shakes make you feel fantastic. Forget about animal protein and their nasty side-effects, we’ve formulated our products to perfection. Say hello to the best taste in town.

You can trust us

Orangefit is like the friend who never bails out on you. We take your health seriously and we always take it one step further to ensure the best possible quality. Even nutritionists, dieticians and doctors recommend Orangefit to their clients.

We’re real

We’re human beings on a journey to do better, just like you. Orangefit has become a supportive community of likeminded folks and we’re always happy to talk and listen to you and learn from you.

What's next?

We continue to work on our mission to create a fitter world. And people around the planet are taking notice. We’re proud to say that Orangefit is well on its way to become the number one household name in plant-based nutrition. Together we'll get your health-game to the next level. But we want to take it even further, by working towards 100% recyclable packaging material for all our products.