Protein Soup

Protein-rich soup with a whopping 20 grams of protein. 10 servings, ready in 3 minutes, 2 flavors.

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    Why Orangefit® Protein Soup?

    Nothing warms you up like a hearty soup. A regular soup usually doesn't pack much protein, so we've crafted a 100% plant-based protein-rich soup. Muscle up with a whopping 20 grams of protein per bowl. Whether it's for lunch or an extra meal before dinner, you're covered, especially if you're looking to up your protein intake.

    Hot Powerhouse

    Want a savory soup ready in just 2 minutes? Look no further than the new Orangefit® Protein Soup! This hot powerhouse only has 170 calories, it's deliciously nutritious, and a breeze to make. Whether you're coming home after a workout or having lunch at the office, this soup is perfect for any moment. Available in tomato and curry flavors!

    Love soup but find a bowl doesn't usually fill you up? You'll definitely change your mind when you try Orangefit® Protein Soup.

    Flavors and Usage Tips

    Our protein-packed soup provides a complete protein source with pea protein, just like our shakes, and comes in 2 flavors: tomato and curry.

    Preparation is a breeze: give it a shake with cold water and heat it up for 2-3 minutes in the microwave at 600 watts. Our Fit Shaker is microwave-safe, but make sure to take the cap off and stir the soup during heating

    • Protein-rich meal

      as much as 20 grams of protein per bowl

    • Plant-based

      only the best plant-based ingredients

    • Pick your flavour

      tomato or yellow


    What's inside?

    1 Protein soup contains:



    Pea protein, natural flavor, medium chain triglycerides (MCT) from coconut oil, rice flour, inulin, thickener: xanthan gum, sea salt, acidity regulator: citric acid


    Pea protein, natural flavor, medium chain triglycerides (MCT) from coconut oil, rice flour, inulin, thickener: xanthan gum, sea salt, acidity regulator: citric acid

    Tomato Per serving (45g) Per 100g
    Calories 168kcal 373kcal
    Fats 5,2g 11,5g
    Of which saturated 3,5g 7,9g
    Carbohydrates 11g 24,5g
    of which sugars 4,8g 10,6g
    Dietary fiber 4,9g 10,8g
    Protein 19g 42,2g
    Sodium 0,8g 4,8g
    Curry  Per serving (45g) Per 100g
    Calories 177kcal 394kcal
    Fats 6,5g 14,4g
    Of which saturated 4,5g 10g
    Carbohydrates 7,9g 17,6g
    of which sugars 0,6g 1,4g
    Dietary fiber 5,1g 11,4g
    Protein 20,5g 45,6g
    Sodium 2,4g 5,2g
    Per 100 gram Tomato Curry
    Alanine 1,9g 2g
    Arginine 4g 4,2g
    Aspartic Acid 4,5g 4,7g
    Cystine 0,3g 0,3g
    Glutamic acid 7,7g 8,1g
    Glycine 1,7g 1,8g
    Histidine 1g 1g
    Isoleucine 2,1g 2,2g
    Leucine 3,8g 4g
    Lysine 3,3g 3,5g
    Methionine 0,3g 0,3g
    Phenylalanine 2,5g 2,6g
    Proline 0,7g 0,8g
    Serine 2,2g 2,3g
    Threonine 1,6g 1,7g
    Tryptophan 0,6g 0,7g
    Tyrosine 1,6g 1,7g
    Valine 2,3g 2,4g
    How to use

    Just add water

    Take a soup whenever it suits you. For lunch, before dinner, as a four o'clock snack, or between two meals.

    Add 3 scoops (45g) to 250ml of water. Then shake it in your shaker and heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes at 600 watts. Stir the soup occasionally during these 2 minutes.


    Add 3 scoops (45g) to a bowl and add boiling water while stirring. Make sure to stir well to prevent lumps.

    1. Fit Shaker 650ml

      With our Fit Shaker you will get the very best result


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      Frequently asked questions

      • A soup allows you to get in lots of extra protein, while treating your body to a warm and comforting meal. 

      • Sure, this product is also free of lactose, gluten, soya and unnecessary sugars and other additives. 

      • Yes, sure kids usually love tomato soup anyway!

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