Orangefit® Repeat

Because when you have the bestyou want it every time.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The option that every Orangefitter was waiting for.

Put your favorite products on Repeat and get a standard 15% discount. Delivered for free when it suits you and adjustable at any time. You can take a break or cancel at any time.

Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat
  • Repeat your advantage
    Repeat your advantage

    With Repeat, you get a standard 15% discount and always free shipping. Pretty nice!

  • Repeat your order
    Repeat your order

    Receive your order automatically and when it suits you.

  • Flexibly adjustable
    Flexibly adjustable

    Change your interval, flavors, or quantities of your Repeat whenever you want.


Most Repeated questions

  • Here's how it works: Click on 'Repeat' for your favorite product. You choose how often you want to receive the product. Your product will be immediately added to your shopping cart. Want to repeat multiple products? Add them in the same way.

    Open your shopping cart, fill in your details, and activate Repeat. You pay for your first order right away, subsequent deliveries will be via automatic debit. You can stop at any time after your second Repeat order.

  • Yes, all possible! But how? Easy! Log in with your Repeat account → Open your Repeat and click on edit at the bottom.

  • Got a minute? To start with, you always get a 15% discount on your favorite Orangefit® products and free shipping. No surprises, as easy as it gets. Pretty nice, right? You'll never run out of your omega 3 capsules, green juice, protein shakes, or other daily essentials.

  • When you finalize your Repeat, you pay for the first order via iDeal or Credit Card. Subsequent deliveries will be debited via automatic debit using this payment method.

  • Yes, you can easily add all your favorite products to your cart. You can also combine individual products with Repeat in a single order! It’s convenient if, for example, you want to try a product before putting it on Repeat

  • Log in with your Repeat account → Click on invoices → Download your desired invoice here.

  • No, that's currently not possible.