Clear Protein

Refreshing protein drink. A thirst-quenching swap for your everyday milky shake. 15 servings, 2 flavours.

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    Why Clear Protein?

    Clear Protein is the most refreshing protein you ever tasted. A real game changer: the perfect swap for your everyday milky shake. Light and fruity like a lemonade, at no less than 11,5g of protein. Thirst-quenching and a new way to top up your nutrients. 100% natural, vegan-friendly and free from added sugars.

    Game changing

    Clear Protein may not be the very first refreshing protein drink, it’s certainly the most tasty and natural one. Similar drinks often have a thick foam layer and taste very bitter. To disguise the nasty taste, these drinks are often sweetened to the extreme. You know that our team is always raising the bar, that’s why we’ve been perfecting our Clear’s taste and structure for over a year. Hooray: this new kid on the protein block is finally Orangefit proof.

    Protein lemonade

    Who doesn’t like lemonade? Our Clear is refreshing, fruity and light like a summer lemonade. Not a fan of milky shakes or looking for a refreshing variation? Look no further. Tip: just like lemonade you can add less or more water to your tasting.

    Complete protein source

    You may find it hard to believe as you drink the juice-like drink, but it really contains a good 11,5 grams of protein and all the other amino acids your body needs. The star of this drink is a usual suspect: our beloved yellow split pea.

    A shake or a drink should make you feel good, which is why Orangefit Clear Protein is free from lactose, gluten, soy, sucralose or added sugar.

    On the go, at work or in between two sets

    A thirst-quenching drink suitable for any hour of the day,

    wherever you are. Easy to keep in a drinking bottle or shaker. Drink right away or later. Work out, stay hydrated nd achieve your protein goals, all at the same time. Easy as a pie.

    • Refreshing Drink

      light, fruity and refreshing

    • Natural

      only the best ingredients

    • Complete

      Clear Protein is a complete source of protein


    What's inside?

    1 Clear Protein drink contains:



    Hydrolyzed pea protein, natural flavouring, mango powder, pineapple powder, acidity regulators: citric acid, malic acid, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, sweetener: steviol glycosides from stevia (this comes from a plant), coloring: beta-carotene


    Hydrolyzed pea protein, natural flavouring, acidity regulator: citric acid, malic acid, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, blueberry powder, sweetener: steviol glycosides from stevia (this comes from a plant), coloring: beetroot (Beta vulgaris)

    Tropical Per drink (16g) Per 100g
    Calories 56kcal 351kcal
    Fats 0,4g 2,5g
    Of which saturated 0,1g 0,3g
    Carbohydrates 1,6g 9,8g
    of which sugars 0,3g 1,7g
    Dietary fiber 0,1g 0,8g
    Protein 11,5g 71,7g
    Sodium 0g 0,2g

    Blueberry Per drink (16g) Per 100g
    Calories 57kcal 357kcal
    Fats 0,4g 2,5g
    Of which saturated 0,1g 0,3g
    Carbohydrates 1,8g 11g
    of which sugars 0,8g 5g
    Dietary fiber 0,1g 0,8g
    Protein 11,5g 71,7g
    Sodium 0g


    Tropical Per drink (16g)
    Alanine 3,1g
    Arginine 6,3g
    Aspartic Acid 8,2g
    Cystine 0,8g
    Glutamic acid 12,2g
    Glycine 2,9g
    Histidine 1,9g
    Isoleucine 3,5g
    Leucine 6g
    Lysine 5,4g
    Methionine 0,8g
    Phenylalanine 4g
    Proline 3,1g
    Serine 3,7g
    Threonine 2,7g
    Tryptophan 0,6g
    Tyrosine 2,8g
    Valine 3,7g
    Blueberry Per drink (16g)
    Alanine 2,6g
    Arginine 5,9g
    Aspartic Acid 4,7g
    Cystine 7g
    Glutamic acid 7g
    Glycine 0,8g
    Histidine 1,8g
    Isoleucine 2g
    Leucine 3g
    Lysine 9,6g
    Methionine 1,9g
    Phenylalanine 1,5g
    Proline 0,8g
    Serine 1,1g
    Threonine 1,4g
    Tryptophan 1,4g
    Tyrosine 2,6g
    Valine 2,6g
    How to use

    Just add Water

    In just a few simple steps you have the perfect shake. Tip! You can also make delicious popsicles with it!

    1. Fill your shaker with 350-400ml of water

    2. Add two scoops of Clear Protein

    3. Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake it & enjoy!

    4. Fit Shaker 650ml

      With our Fit Shaker you will get the very best result


    What our fans say

    • Trustpilot 5 stars
      Trustpilot Verified

      This is the only protein I can drink. It is very tasty, I really like it.

      Leticia Gonzalez Edreira
      13 January 2024

    Frequently asked questions

    • Clear Protein is a refreshing drink, the Clear Protein and Protein Blend are milky shakes. Clear Protein’s taste and structure reminds of lemonade and can be enjoyed as an alternative to your daily protein shake, a light snack or a (post-) workout drink to top up your nutrients. Not a fan of creamy shakes? Then it’s perfect for you as well.

    • From pea protein, but mind you, the production process differs hugely from the process of the pea protein used in our other products. To achieve a lemonade-type of structure, the amino acid chains are cut into tiny pieces, which results in a completely different structure. This makes a refreshing, thirst-quenching protein drink!

    • Clear Protein is for everyone who wants to support their protein nutrition in the most refreshing way. Whether you workout regularly or not. Are you looking for variation or a full substitute in the protein drinks department? This is the one for you.

    • Sure thing! Sometimes you’re in a lemonade mood, sometimes you’re not. We’ve got you.

    • Absolutely. Clear Protein is plant-based and therefore free from lactose. It also doesn’t contain any gluten, soy or added sugar.

    • Yes, you can use Clear Protein worry-free when you’re pregnant or lactating. In fact: pregnant people need a slightly higher daily protein intake: 0,9 gram protein per kilogram of body-weight. Peanuts with Clear.

    • It’s not meant for that, but did you know you can make the tastiest water popsicles with the Clear? Try it: add one scoop of Clear Protein to 350-400 ml water, shake and divide among the molds.