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What is a healthy body fat percentage?

12 May 2022|Lifestyle

Your body fat percentage often says something about how healthy you live. But how do you measure your body fat percentage? And what is considered ideal? Read on.

The body in percentages

Your body consists of (more than) half water, and also muscles, fat, bones, and tissues. By dividing the weight of one of your body parts by your total weight, you can calculate the percentage that belongs to it.

If you do a lot of strength training, your muscle percentage will be higher than average. But if you eat unhealthy and move little, your body fat percentage is likely to be higher.

Healthy body fat percentage

A healthy lifestyle can keep these values in check. The average body fat percentage in men is between 18 and 25%.

Research shows that estrogen causes women to store more fat than men (2). Therefore, the average body fat percentage in women is between 25 and 31%. Anything above these values is considered overweight and may be unhealthy.

Women % body fat

Men % body fat




Good health



Normal health






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