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How to get more energy? Try these 8 tips!

4 November 2022|Lifestyle

After a regular day of work, you collapse onto the couch. You are completely exhausted. This feeling of fatigue has been happening to you more and more lately. Where does it come from? And how can you get more energy? In this article, we share eight tips for more energy.

Why you have less energy

You've had a busy day, slept poorly, or eaten too little. Sometimes you just have little energy. The cause and solution are usually easy to find. But when you feel like you have consistently less energy, unfortunately the cause is often less obvious.

A general feeling of fatigue is mainly caused by lack of exercise and/or mental problems (1), but things like healthy food, enough water, and sunlight can also play a role.

Tips for more energy

Don't know where your fatigue comes from? Then go through the tips below and discover where the problem is coming from for you.

1. More exercise and movement

Research shows that fatigue is the number one reason why people do not exercise and move enough (2). Ironically, the solution to fatigue is often found in more exercise (3, 4).

Regular exercise burns more energy in your cells and oxygen is transported throughout the body. Exercise also lowers levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, giving you more energy and helping you sleep better (5).

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