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How much weight can you lose per week?

14 October 2022|Nutrition, Lifestyle

Feeling good in your skin, having more endurance, getting a tighter body, and reducing the chances of getting sick. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to lose weight. Of course, you want to get rid of that belly or those love handles as quickly as possible. But how much is possible? And what's healthy?

How does weight loss work?

Losing weight means consuming fewer calories than you burn - creating a calorie deficit. You can achieve this by eating healthier or exercising (more). Or our favorite: doing both!

Many folks trying to lose weight opt for an extreme diet or start exercising intensely for a while. Once they reach their goal weight, they often revert to their old habits and end up gaining weight again - the famous yo-yo effect. To lose weight and maintain it, a lifestyle change is necessary.

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How much can you lose in a week?

Men require an average of 2,500 calories per day, while women need 2,000 calories. When they consume that amount in a day, they maintain balance and won't gain or lose weight. So, for men, that's 17,500 kcal per week and for women, it's 14,000 calories. How can you create a calorie deficit then?

1. Losing weight by eating less

To lose one kilogram of body fat, you need to burn 7,500 calories. In theory, an average man could lose a maximum of 2.33 kg per week and an average woman 1.87 kg. But that's if they consume nothing and don't move more than average. You can understand how terribly unhealthy that would be.

2. Losing weight with a diet

Extreme diets like the Cambridge diet start with just 500 kcal per day. For men, it's an average deficit of 2,000 kcal and for women, 1,500 per day. Men lose about 1.86 kg per week on this diet, and women lose around 1.4 kg.

3. Losing weight through exercise

Strength training is the best way to lose weight. With strength training, you burn approximately 630 calories per hour. Let's say you hit the gym for strength training three times a week for two hours each time. That means you'll burn around 3,780 calories. That's slightly more than half a kilo per week.

How much and how fast is healthy to lose weight?

Maintaining a large calorie deficit is tough. You'll be hungry and feel lethargic. That's why we recommend not going more than 500 calories below your calorie requirement. That way, you'll lose a maximum of half a kilo per week.

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Shedding half a kilo a week made easy

Losing weight shakes are a convenient way to shed weight quickly and responsibly. Orangefit Diet is the top pick. The shake fills you up, packed with great nutrients and proteins. The Consumers' Association agrees with us, rating our shake as the very best in the meal replacement shake test!

Here's how you can lose half a kilo per week with Orangefit Diet:

  • By replacing one meal a day with Orangefit Diet, you consume 250 fewer calories. An average meal generally contains around 500 calories.
  • Also, eat slightly smaller portions or make healthier choices, saving an extra 250 kcal a day. For instance, skip the cookie with your coffee and stick to water.
  • That's a total of 500 calories. Do this for seven days a week, and you'll save 3,500 kcal. That's how you lose half a kilo every week. 
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