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8 tips for eating plant-based during your vacation

20 July 2022|Nutrition

Eating plant-based isn't always as easy when you're abroad or on vacation. In this article, we're sharing 8 practical tips to make sure you can stick to a plant-based and healthy diet during your vacation.

1. Explore your surroundings

Look for vegetarian restaurants nearby or use the website/app HappyCow.net when you're on the go. Enter your current location, and you'll easily get a list of the closest vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

2. Explore ethnic cuisines

These are the best places to go. Opt for Indian, Mexican, Thai, or Chinese cuisine. Many of these restaurants often have multiple plant-based options as a standard. For example, you'll rarely find dairy in Asian dishes.

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3. Check out the side dishes

Most restaurants nowadays have side dishes on the menu that you can order. These are often plant-based options, such as soups, mixed salads, sautéed vegetables, fried potatoes, and/or rice. Just make sure to ask them to skip the butter, cheese, or other dairy products. This way, you can easily put together a healthy plant-based meal.

4. Get your food from the supermarket

Head to the nearest supermarket and gather everything you need for breakfast and lunch. Not only is this one of the easiest ways to stay plant-based/vegan, but it's also good for your budget. It doesn't matter which supermarket you go to; most of them always have vegetables and fruits, bread, nuts, canned beans, and olives that you can buy.

5. Cook for yourself

Cooking for yourself is still the best way to stay plant-based and healthy during your vacation. So, consider booking an Airbnb or an apartment with a kitchen instead of a hotel. This way, you can prepare meals and won't have to go out every time you're hungry.

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