10 June 2020|Lifestyle|Reading time: 5 min

Ever since Rolf participated in the television program 'De Beste Zangers' in the beginning of this year, his popularity in the Netherlands has exploded in a short time.

His duet with Emma Heesters "Pa Olvidarte" climbed the charts, reached the top 5 within three weeks and recently went platinum. His new single "Mas Mas Mas" has also been streamed more than 4 million times and Rolf has his first solo show in a sold out AFAS Live on October 3, 2020.

What do you do to stay healthy and fit? And what does health mean to you?

I try to exercise at least 5 to 6 times every week. There are times when it's just too busy and I can't stick to it. When this happens I always continue to eat as healthy as possible, because it makes me feel good.

Being healthy means everything to me. When I'm on track with my fitness and health, I can give everything during my performances and I have enough energy to be there for the people around me.

What is the biggest challenge for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle?

For me, it's finding the balance between giving my best performing as an artist, feeling fit and looking good. A year ago I tried to bring down my body fat percentage as low as possible for a photo shoot. I looked great, but I didn't feel great at all. I also had to keep performing during my shows, my agenda changes all the time and I am often invited to dinners and events.

So to find the right balance where I still feel fit and healthy is the biggest challenge for me, but I'm getting better at it!

What does plant-based nutrition mean to you?

Plant-based nutrition means the future to me. You can also get the right nutrients from plant based products, something that's more commonly known now. I respect everyone's food choices. We should all do what makes us feel good. Luckily for me, this means a lifestyle that focuses on plant-based nutrition!

Could you tell us more about how the collaboration with Orangefit came about?

Of course! I hardly get this excited about a collaboration. I wanted to include my followers in my lifestyle in a fun way and also inspire them to choose plant-based products more often. Orangefit fits in perfectly as a partnership. During the first meeting with one of the people behind Orangefit, I immediately felt a very good connection and the collaboration has been perfect ever since. We'll be doing lots of fun things together in the future.

Actually, a funny side note is that I already used Orangefit before I became an ambassador. Normally, plant based proteins don't taste that great, but Orangefit has really changed that. This makes it easier for me and for others to choose a plant-based alternative.

How do Orangefit products support you in daily life?

Orangefit has really become a part of my life and it helps me to get the right nutrients in my system. I have breakfast with Orangefit, (literally) go to bed with Orangefit and after my exercises I always take Orangefit. And on very busy days, I also take the Orangefit Hero with me to make sure I always have a meal that gives me the right nutrients and gives me energy.

How do you ensure balance in your life?

I've found balance in my life through sports and my family. When I exercise, I forget everything and after a workout I am completely relaxed. The same goes for spending time with my family. Without my family and exercising, I really wouldn't have survived.

I also like to watch series and go out for dinner. I don't really enjoy going out to parties (which you might not expect from an artist). I am an adventurous guy who likes to do new things, discover the world and interact with people. And of course, I enjoy performing a lot! It gives me so much satisfaction and energy to make people happy with my music.

What is something most people don't know about you?

That I am very impatient! And at the same time, sometimes I'm also insecure. As an artist, I sometimes think “am I good enough?”. When I receive positive feedback after a performance or the release of a new single, I can let it go and forget about it, but to be honest this thought does sometimes occupy my mind. What (almost) nobody knows is that I am afraid of water, the sea and ... fishing! Haha.

If we could take a look inside your fridge. What would we find in there?

Nowadays you would only find healthy things in my fridge. It used to be different, but now I love to eat as healthy as possible. The weekends are different though. Then I can really enjoy M&M cookies or vegan Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I am also a fan of Coca Cola Zero!

Finally: what's Rolf's favorite recipe that Orangefitters should really try?

Recently I discovered a new recipe that I absolutely love: sweet potato curry. You should really give this a try! You can find many recipes on how to make this on the internet.

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