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How to keep the holidays cozy and healthy

16 December 2022|Lifestyle

The holidays are delightful and cozy for many, but at the same time, it's the season of finding the right gifts for everyone, social gatherings, obligatory events, one too many drinks, and endless courses. Have you been mindful of your nutrition all year and just settled into a routine? With these tips, you can get through the holidays healthily without feeling like you're missing out.

    1. Start your day right

    Make sure you don't begin your morning with all sorts of sweets and/or fatty foods. Not only will you consume a considerable number of calories this way, but you'll also be up against blood sugar levels that fluctuate like a rollercoaster throughout the day.

    You can also skip breakfast once in a while or opt for a breakfast consisting of only fruit.

      2. Transform into a healthy chef

      Be the one who prepares delicious and healthy dishes. Are you in charge? Great, now you have the opportunity to show that you can enjoy tasty and healthy food during Christmas. Surprise your family with vegan nachos, beet hummus, flatbread with pumpkin, oven-baked sweet potato fries, or whatever else you come up with. Yummie!

        3. Negotiate with yourself

        During the holidays, motivation to exercise usually drops to a low level for many people. December is a series of social events, dinners, and feel-good TV series. Don't stress too much about your routine and the workouts you miss because you're visiting family or not feeling up to it. Try to negotiate with yourself: give it your all at the gym today, take it easy all day tomorrow.

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        8. Eat slowly and savor it

        This is also known as mindful eating. Be aware that you are eating and what you are eating. Eating is a natural and enjoyable activity meant for pleasure and satisfying hunger, not to see how much you can consume in one sitting.

          9. Drink in moderation

          Sip your drink leisurely, but try to spread your alcohol consumption throughout the evening and, if possible, keep it within limits. Can you count your drinks for the evening on one hand? Well done!

            10. Relax and enjoy in moderation

            Although we call it the holiday season, think of these days as festive moments. Enjoying good food and drinks is, of course, part of it, but you don't have to stuff yourself all day long. Just be mindful of it by making some agreements with yourself beforehand.

            In summary

            Enjoy the time with your loved ones and don't be too hard on yourself. If you spend these days constantly thinking about your weight or your diet, something is off. If you take a little care and make some smart choices in the coming weeks, the 'damage' will be minimal. After all, Christmas and New Year's are just a few days, and it's more about what you do on all the other days of the year.

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