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When do you take the Protein Bar?

20 January 2023|Orangefit

Actually, it's the ideal snack for a lot of people. Just take a look.

  • For everyone who always wants to have a responsible snack on hand.
  • For the tasty and healthy afternoon snack at the office.
  • For the late-night snackers on the couch.
  • For people who are always on the go.
  • For busy parents.
  • For cyclists and hikers planning a beautiful journey.
  • For your child's school bag.
  • For athletes aiming to meet their protein goals.
  • For dieters looking for a responsible snack that keeps them feeling full for a long time.

The new Protein Bar is the perfect responsible snack for everyone.

When do you take the Diet Bar?

The Diet Bar has the word 'Diet' in its name, but it can also be used by athletes or individuals with an active lifestyle as a snack or a small meal replacement.

The bar contains proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fibers, and also vitamins and minerals. Read below for more examples of why the Diet Bar is a good match for you!

New: Protein Bar!

Perfect on the go, after a workout and stacked in your snacks drawer. Orangefit Protein Bar made us raise the bar higher than ever before. Taste for yourself!

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