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The importance of a healthy heart

20 June 2023|Lifestyle

Our heart perhaps demands the most attention of all our muscles. Not only is there always the chance that your heart might be broken, but there are also real dangers lurking, including cardiovascular diseases. These diseases, often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, rank among the top causes of death. So, keeping that heart healthy, you know. But how do you do that

Eat Healthy

There it is again: healthy eating makes a difference for your heart health too. Opt for a varied diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. These contain vitamins, minerals, and fibers that lower bad cholesterol in the blood and increase good cholesterol. Also, choose whole grains and healthy fats. Avoid bad fats and sugars from processed products.

Drink enough water, and don't smoke. Smoking increases heart rate and blood pressure, making you more susceptible to heart failure. The nicotine can also narrow the blood vessels. You might also want to cut back on your wines or beers because too much alcohol also increases the risk of heart and vascular issues

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