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Spring is the best time for new habits

31 March 2024|Lifestyle

Embrace the fresh start of spring by adopting new habits or picking up your old ones. There's a good chance you'll stick to them this time: spring is working in your favor. Here are 5 reasons why spring is the best time for healthy habits.

1. Your motivation is sky high

Have you been jumping out of bed in the morning lately? You're not alone. Spring secretly started on March 20, the date when the Earth tilts in such a way that day and night are equal, giving us more sunlight. Come out of your hibernation mode and start a new workout routine. Bonus points if you exercise outdoors.

    2. You have more energy

    In spring and summer, most people have more energy. And when you have more energy, everything becomes a bit easier. Like exercising and eating healthy!

      3. Fresh and seasonal

      Have you been wanting to eat healthier for a while? This is the perfect time to score fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables at the weekly market or your local grocery store. Nature is so clever that it has designed the perfect vegetables and fruits for each season. Eat with the seasons, make it a game, and keep track of when certain produce is harvested. This way, you become very aware of what you eat.

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      4. Increased Productivity

      Want to tackle your work habits or start exercising in the morning? The extra hours of daylight you get as a gift in this season make you more productive, giving you more time to check off to-dos and achieve your goals. You can, for example, start working an hour earlier or use this extra hour to kick off your day with a workout.

        5. Mental Health Check 

        Spring is a massive mood booster. So, take advantage of this period to focus on your mental health. A short morning meditation can help you be more present, but a daily lunch break walk can also work wonders.

        In a nutshell

        Spring is a time that naturally brings more energy and light. Become besties with spring if you want to adopt new habits, then you have a good chance of actually sticking to them. Spring cleaning isn't just for your house but also for your health. Start making positive changes now. Get moving!

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