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The influence of your gut on your brain

30 June 2023|Lifestyle

Stress, toxins, bad bacteria, sugar, and other culprits affect your gut health. There are no quick fixes for better gut health, but apply these tips today and see a mental and physical improvement

Mental issues

Causes of problems like depression, chronic fatigue, and brain fog aren't usually associated with the gut. Yet, this is often where they originate. The same goes for hormonal imbalance, anxiety, mood swings, and a bunch of other discomforts. How come


In your gut resides your second brain: the microbiome, also known as your gut. Your gut encompasses your entire digestive system: your mouth, stomach, belly, intestines. Here, bacteria, parasites, fungi, yeasts, and other microbes live. Your colon is a jungle of microbes, hosting trillions of them.

Gut-Brain Connection 

Your gut and your brain are directly linked through the vagus nerve, the highway between your brain and your belly. Signals from the gut go to the brain and vice versa. The microbes in the intestines send signals to the intestinal wall, which are then picked up by the brain


If you don't take good care of the bacteria in your gut, you can get seriously sick. Your gut health even determines whether your brain is inflamed or not. This is also where the majority of your immune system is located. So, take care of this organ as if it's a newborn baby!

Trouble with your stomach or intestines?

Why not try probiotics? Probiotics are good bacteria that have a positive effect on your gut flora. Many people with stomach issues or unsettled intestines find them beneficial.

Discover Probiotics
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