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What are the health trends for 2023

27 January 2023|Lifestyle

Every year, new trends emerge in the world of sports, wellness, and nutrition. In 2022, food waste was a big no-no: crooked cucumbers were allowed to stay. We made skincare from coffee grounds and underwear from banana peels. We also became more honest about our mental health problems. Which wellness trends are poised to break through this year? Check them out below

1. Hydrating

In America, it's already hugely popular: better hydration for improved health, more energy, and a better mood. Water plays a crucial role in many vital functions. Even a small amount of dehydration can make you feel sluggish, give you a headache, make your muscles feel weak, or make you dizzy. Many of us know that our bodies are made up of about 70% water (1). However, many of us don't know that the majority of this is salty water. Our brains consist of as much as 85% water and float in a salty fluid.

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2. Sleep syncing 

We're all sleeping worse: three-quarters of us don't make the recommended seven hours of sleep per night. Sleep deprivation has a huge impact. Your brain goes into passive mode, you're prone to making poor decisions, and you're less clear-headed (2). Your body may also process insulin less effectively, leading to weight gain. Sleep syncing is the sleep version of circadian eating. This means adjusting your sleep cycles to the natural rhythm (the sun and the moon) so that it can synchronize with your body's circadian rhythm.

3. Plant-based power

Not a new trend, but it's still fun to mention that about half of the Dutch population is flexitarian. Apparently, it was time to give this growing group an extra name. If you consciously eat less meat - for ethical, health, and/or environmental reasons - you can officially call yourself a meat reducer from 2023

4. Sports recovery

With the rise of sports recovery tools like massage devices and compression boots, the focus is increasingly shifting towards recovery. In 2023, gyms and spas are tempting athletes with infrared saunas, cryotherapy rooms, floating tanks, and ice baths.

    5. Micro-workouts

    Thanks to TikTok and the 1-minute dance challenges, mini workouts are now a thing. It's motivating to move without a minimal time barrier. Going all out for a short time lowers your stress levels and gives you a quick energy boost. And more importantly, there's nothing as fun as dancing like nobody's watching. More into strength training? How about a snack workout with some squats!

    7. Mushroom Craze 

    More and more people are incorporating mushrooms into their wellness routines. We're talking about 'functional mushrooms'; mushrooms that you won't find in the supermarket but are available in the form of tinctures, powders, and coffee at health stores. Lion's mane, reishi, cordyceps, and turkey tail are among the powerhouses that could give your sleep, energy, memory, and immunity a boost.

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