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Bloated stomach during the holidays? Here's how to get rid of it

22 December 2022|Lifestyle

During the holidays, you can feel bloated and sluggish. What causes bloating: the breakfasts with Christmas bread, the lack of physical activity? We solve this recurring mystery every year and also give you 5 tips as a gift. After all, it's Christmas.


Let's be honest: if you don't move, your digestion also slows down. Those canceled dates you had with the treadmill don't help. The way your digestion works day to day and how your stomach feels has a lot to do with movement. However, less physical activity is not the main cause of bloating.


What really matters is the type of food you consume during the holidays: salty and greasy. All those trays of snacks, chips, and treats don't sit well with you. Add to that the fact that you're probably drinking more alcohol and less water than usual. The result: bloating to the max.


Christmas is usually not the time when you eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits (in proportion). This also plays a role because vegetables and fruits act as a natural buffer for salty food. Your digestion immediately reacts to the salty and greasy food, explaining your bloated belly.

The good news: most of the extra weight is not fat, but extra fluid that you're retaining.

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