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How do I get rid of my holiday pounds again?

20 September 2023|Nutrition

You go on vacation to enjoy drinks and delicious food, but then you come home with a few extra kilos that you had worked so hard to lose before your vacation.

In this article, we explain why you gain weight during your vacation and share what you can do to shed those extra holiday pounds.

Why do you gain weight during your vacation?

The most obvious reason is that people just let loose, don't pay attention to what they eat and drink, and exercise less during their vacation, resulting in weight gain. Eating more, more snacks, more alcohol, and less movement are clear causes.

Do you take this into account during your vacation? There are several reasons why you might still gain weight.

1. You retain more water

Your body consists mostly of water, and your fluid balance has a significant impact on your body weight. This is the main reason why you gain weight during your vacation, especially if you go to a warm country where your body will retain more water due to the higher temperature.

2. You eat fewer vegetables and fruits

Sodium (salt) and potassium regulate, among other things, the fluid balance in your body. Because you likely eat fewer vegetables and fruits on vacation, you get less potassium, causing your body to lose less water.

3. You consume more salt

Eating more salt causes your body to retain more water. If you eat in restaurants a lot during your vacation, your food will generally be saltier than when you cook at home. This means you'll quickly consume more salt than usual.

4. You eat more carbohydrates

No, eating more carbohydrates doesn't immediately make your body store more fat. However, it does lead to more water retention.

When you eat (more) carbohydrates, your body converts a large part of them into reserve energy or glycogen. Glycogen is stored in your muscles with the help of water.

Are you having a cocktail or ice cream? Or are you indulging in pizza or pasta for an evening? Your fat mass won't immediately increase, but your body will store more water, ultimately making you weigh more.

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