Go bananas with our responsible pre-workout. Developed with Orangefitters!

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    Why Orangefit Pre-workout?

    Brand new: Orangefit Pre-Workout! For years, we’ve seen pre-workout after pre-workout. It is a popular category and at Orangefit, the demand for a pre-workout has been increasing rapidly. All those newly launched products either contain extremely high doses of caffeine or unnecessary additives. That’s not for us. A pre-workout has to be effective, we get that. But it should never be unhealthy. 

    By popular demand, we have created a pre-workout that allows you to workout at your best, while experiencing no nasty side effects.

    For when you want to go all out

    A pre-workout is not a must, but it helps you get the most out of your workout. Sometimes you want to accomplish maximum focus, strength and stamina. And sometimes you don't feel like exercising at all. On those days you could use an extra boost. That’s where our no-crap and highly effective pre-workout comes in. 

    One scoop of Orangefit Pre-Workout and you’re taking off like a rocket. Thanks to the perfectly balanced ingredients you won’t experience a crash. Oh yes, it’s completely after-dip-proof. Our pre-workout is highly effective and contains zero unwanted additives. 

    Developed with Orangefiters!

    We developed Pre-Workout together with Orangefitters. That way it fits us and you perfectly. First, we asked the Orangefit community for input and to test samples.

    For Orangefitters, the ideal pre-workout is safe and not overly caffeinated. Most pre-workouts contain as many as three or four cups of espresso.

    We tinkered and tested for ages, until we finally found the ultimate balance. Orangefit Pre-Workout contains 160 mg of caffeine. We did the math: two cups of caffeine is just about right. 

    Natural guarana power

    Of course, we want our Orangefit Pre-Workout natural and tasty but effective. Many pre-workouts contain caffeine anahydrate. We choose a natural alternative: guarana plant-derived caffeine. Bonus: Orangefit Pre-Workout tastes nice and fruity, no need to chug it with your nose closed. 

    Shop Pre-workout? 

    Can't wait to get started with our pre-workout? Orangefitters rate us an average of 9.2 on the independent Trustpilot. Not a happy camper? We simply give you your money back.

    • Innocent

      0 Additives

    • Effective

      Natural guarana-power

    • Fresh & fruity

      Thanks to strawberry powder

    IngredientsWhat’s inside?

    1 Pre-workout on average contains



    L-citrulline, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, beta-alanine, taurine, guarana extract (Paullinia cupana), strawberry powder, natural flavour, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, rhodiola rosea extract (Sedum roseum), acidity regulator: citric acid, sweetener: steviol glycosides from stevia (this comes from a plant), inulin, colouring agent: beetroot red (Beta vulgaris), black carrot juice concentrate (Daucus carota L. )

    Strawberry Per scoop (10g) Per 100g
    Calories 6kcal 60kcal
    Fats 0g 0,2g
    Of which saturated 0g 0g
    Carbohydrates 1g 10g
    of which sugars 0,3g 2,6g
    Dietary fiber 0,2g 2,3g
    Protein 0,3g 3,3g
    Sodium 0g 0g
    How to use?How to use?

    Pre-workout prepared in a few simple steps

    1. Fill your shaker with the right amount of water

    2. Add one scoop of Pre-Workout

    3. Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake & enjoy

    4. Fit Shaker 650ml

      With our Fit Shaker you will get the very best result


    What our fans say


      Frequently asked questions about our pre-workout

      • Most pre-workouts contain at least 240mg of caffeine. That's as much as three cups of coffee. Too much of a good thing, if you ask us. 80mg equals one coffee. Of course, if you think that's enough, you might as well drink one cup of coffee before popping to the gym.

        A pre-workout must really add value and work. Extensive testing taught us that 160 mg of caffeine hits the sweet spot!

        Do you want a stronger dosage? Then take an extra half scoop and you will reach 240 mg of caffeine.

      • Our pre-workout differs from other brands in several ways. For instance, we get the caffeine from the most natural source: the guarana plant. Other brands use the highly processed substance caffeine anhydrate.

        Orangefit Pre Workout is consciously dosed, contains real fruit powder and does not cause a nasty energy crash.

      • No, using a Pre Workout is not an absolute must. You can also train just fine without a pre workout, but if you do like to use it, then preferably without unnecessary fuss.