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What are healthy snacks?

2 January 2023|Nutrition

We Dutch people love to snack. However, the food trends of this year promise that we are all going to snack healthier. That's great, of course! But which healthy snacks or treats should you go for? We'll tell you below.

Unhealthy snacks/treats

Let's start by explaining what unhealthy snacks are. We think you already have a pretty good idea ;-) but unhealthy snacks are products that:

  • Are high in calories
  • Are high in sugars
  • Are high in saturated fats
  • And usually low in fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Products that meet the above characteristics are often very tasty and tempting. The downside is that they offer little health benefits and often lead to an energy dip afterward.

Fortunately, there are also more and more products that score much better in terms of nutritional value. While they may not match up to ice cream, chips, and a chocolate bar in taste, they are still very delicious and provide you with the right energy without giving you a dip afterward.

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